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I’m an Electrical Engineer and software developer. This site will show some of the applications I’ve worked on as well as some personal thoughts.

In web development I have worked on bespoke sites from ground up, as well as WordPress and osCommerce sites. These include back-office applications and integrations. I’m familiar with php, html, css, JavaScript as well as libraries such as jQuery. Also MySQL database engine. Non web includes Basic as well as C along with a little assembler for some PIC applications I’ve worked on. A little bit of Python on some Raspberry PI applications to boot.


WordPress Function Reference

I found the WordPress Function reference pretty difficult to navigate so I created a programme to crawl it. References in a full list here, click on titles to link to the WP website. add_network_option() Function: Add a new network option. add_new_user_to_blog() Function: Adds a newly created user to the appropriate blog add_object_page() Function: Add a …


Ping me an email: toneus@toneus.co.uk