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Automagic WEBP images for osCommerce

You want to optimise your site for Google and when checking Page Speed Insights you’re penalized for not Serving images in next-gen formats. What this basically means is that you’re not serving images in webp format. The problem with this, is that not all browsers support webp. Every one will support jpg, png, gif, bmp […]

Finder - A PHP Utility for Finding a Text String in a Complex Directory Structure

I was having to re-engineer some (open source!) source code which had an extremely complicated directory structure with hundreds of files. These files are called through various plugins and class functions. To make the change I wanted involved trying to track down a particular variable which appeared at numerous points throughout. It’s almost as though […]

WordPress Function Reference

I found the WordPress Function reference pretty difficult to navigate so I created a programme to crawl it. References in a full list here, click on titles to link to the WP website. add_network_option() Function: Add a new network option. add_new_user_to_blog() Function: Adds a newly created user to the appropriate blog add_object_page() Function: Add a […]

Application Programming Interface using JSON

API Code
I was asked to develop an Application Programming Interface (API) that would allow a remote user to send a request to a remote server, which then performs some actions or lookups and returns an answer. The simplest way to do this was to use JavaScript Object Notation, or JSON. What the local site does is […]