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OSCommerce SagePayForm For PHP 7.2+


Did you know that the SagePay Form payment module in OSCommerce uses an addon called MCRYPT? Well probably not, but in any case this add on has been abandonware for a long long time and nobody seems to have come up with a solution. Now what happened was that we were running PHP 7.1 and […]

Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator

While furloughed got into a habit of playing Bee Swarm Simulator on Robux. The Wiki is quite good but not all things are in one place so I put together these Bee Swarm Simulator Tools to help make those decisions on what to do next! I’ve gone from a noob to having 42 hive slots […]

EAN13 Barcode Generator. For free!

ean13 barcode generator

To sell online in some marketplaces and for retail outlets every product needs to be labelled with a GTIN or EAN number. For most, this comprises a 13 digit EAN13 barcode number. Getting hold of an EAN number used to be quite straightforward, you’d simply buy a block of a set amount from some dealer […]

Sudoku Solver PHP Part 4

Now we’ve found the only way to solve complex Sudoku puzzles is suck it and see, we need a method for displaying and modifying the grid. So let’s start with displaying the grid. Rather than work out the formula’s for cell borders I thought, “Hell I only need to do this once so let’s define […]