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Sudoku Solver PHP Part2

Last time we worked on alogrithm to solve Sudoko puzzles, see Sudoku Solver PHP Part 1. This worked for easy puzzles but when a more complex grid was entered the code could not solve it. A further algorithm is needed. The way the algorithm worked was to assume every square (except those given starting numbers) […]

Sudoku Solver PHP Part 1

Was given a project for a solver for Sudoku. It’s a brain teaser, but, unless you get to the higher levels, it really is a method of just following some rules. So first things first, define the rules and then do some coding to solve the puzzle. What is Sudoku? It’s a game with 81 […]

WordPress: Creating Theme Options in Admin

These are the WP functions in the Settings API: Register Setting $option_group (string) (Required) A settings group name. Should correspond to a whitelisted option key name. Default whitelisted option key names include “general,” “discussion,” and “reading,” among others. $option_name (string) (Required) The name of an option to sanitize and save. $args (array) (Optional) Data used to describe the setting when registered. […]

PHP: Removing an Element From an Array during foreach

foreach – What does it do? The foreach control structure is a simple way of traversing (or iterating through) every element of an array or object. It has two control structures, namely: and In the first you have a variable $a which is given the value of the first element of the array, followed by […]