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Sudoku Solver PHP Part 1

Was given a project for a solver for Sudoku. It’s a brain teaser, but, unless you get to the higher levels, it really is a method of just following some rules. So first things first, define the rules and then do some coding to solve the puzzle. What is Sudoku? It’s a game with 81 […]

PHP: Removing an Element From an Array during foreach

foreach – What does it do? The foreach control structure is a simple way of traversing (or iterating through) every element of an array or object. It has two control structures, namely: and In the first you have a variable $a which is given the value of the first element of the array, followed by […]

Automagic WEBP images for osCommerce

You want to optimise your site for Google and when checking Page Speed Insights you’re penalized for not Serving images in next-gen formats. What this basically means is that you’re not serving images in webp format. The problem with this, is that not all browsers support webp. Every one will support jpg, png, gif, bmp […]

Finder – A PHP Utility for Finding a Text String in a Complex Directory Structure

I was having to re-engineer some (open source!) source code which had an extremely complicated directory structure with hundreds of files. These files are called through various plugins and class functions. To make the change I wanted involved trying to track down a particular variable which appeared at numerous points throughout. It’s almost as though […]