EAN13 Barcode Generator. For free!

EAN13 Barcode Generator. For free!

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To sell online in some marketplaces and for retail outlets every product needs to be labelled with a GTIN or EAN number. For most, this comprises a 13 digit EAN13 barcode number.

Getting hold of an EAN number used to be quite straightforward, you’d simply buy a block of a set amount from some dealer who bought in bulk and promised not to use any more.

In order to get around this and extort money from the general masses, GS1, the body that issues the GTIN numbers in the UK has blocked this practice in their terms of service. In order to have these you now have to pay an annual licence for the privilege. So you shell out your 120 or so quid for the licence for 1000 numbers and need to print out some barcodes. Luckily, GS1 give you some image credits to be able to generate this on the fly.

How many I hear you ask. Three. Yes that’s right. Only three. You can buy some more though.

How much I now hear you ask. £17 for one or £350 for 50. Yes, that’s **** right. What a rip off.

Well, have no fear, toneus is here. Create away, for the bargain price of zero. Yes, zero. My gift to the world.

EAN13 Barcode Generator

Enter your EAN13 barcode number and hit “Go”. Your EAN13 barcode imaGe will be generated on screen. Click on the “Look See” button to open in its own tab. The module size determines the width of each bar or space in pixels. So module size 2 is twice as big as module size 1. Use the font size to adjust the human readable barcode number size to suit. Although the proportion of module size to font size seems to work well at 1:8.

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