HYU13 Fitness Programme

This page has been put together to explain the objectives of the fitness programme we have embarked the boys on.

It has been put together in conjunction with :

Strength and Conditioning Coach, Brookes Sport | Lecturer in Sport and Coaching Sciences , Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Oxford Brookes University 

The reason for this programme is that we all realise that fitness and speed are an essential part of playing football, and that during a game a player won’t be constantly on the move but needs to be able to perform short sprints in succession. The programme is intended so that each individual progresses at their own rate and the slowest boys are not expected to compete against the fastest. Everyone is expected to compete against themselves.


We asked all the boys to run 10 lengths of 50m in as fast a time as they could go. This gave each boy a “MAS” score. This is basically their speed. So if they did the 10 lengths (500m) in say 143 seconds, their MAS would be ~3.5.

Next we work out how far they can run in 15 seconds at 120% of their MAS score. So, with a MAS score of 3.5 you would be expected to be able to run 3.5×1.2×15 = 63m.

Since we have a team of different abilities the boys were split into 3 groups. Based on their splits, we have Group A to run 65m, Group B to run 55m and Group C to run 50m.

The Beep Test

In order that everybody starts and finishes at the same point, we arrange cones to half the required distance. Eg 37.5m for Group A, 27.5m for Group B and 25m for Group C.

I’ll blow a whistle (or Beep) and start a countdown for 15seconds. The boys are expected to make it to the cones and back within the 15 seconds.

At the end of this 15 seconds, there will be another whistle/beep and the boys have 15 seconds of rest.

At the end of this 15 seconds, the whistle/beep goes again and the boys complete another lap.

We repeat this 5 times.

At the end of this set, we have a 2 minute period of light ball play (passing etc) and then we repeat the whole thing (5 lengths at 15:15sec) once more.


In subsequent weeks the intensity of training is increased as follows:

WeekWork:Rest QtyRecovery Between Sets# of Sets
115s:15s x52mins2
215s:15s x62mins2
315s:15s x72mins2
415s:15s x52mins3
515s:15s x62mins3
615sx15s x72mins3

Boys that are finding their group unchallenging can be moved up, and likewise if it’s too much for them they can be moved down. The idea is that they start at their base fitness and progressively work harder to improve.

They can also follow this programme in their own time.

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