Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator

Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator

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While furloughed got into a habit of playing Bee Swarm Simulator on Robux. The Wiki is quite good but not all things are in one place so I put together these Bee Swarm Simulator Tools to help make those decisions on what to do next!

I’ve gone from a noob to having 42 hive slots and so am now considered high level, although still a long way from affording or being qualified enough for the Super Soaker. Some things I learned for those who want to do the same:

Save the Favourite Treats

It’s tempting to give the bees the berries and pineapples to level them up but you’ll find that you wished you hadn’t. You can buy the basic treats but not strawberries, blueberries, pineapples or sunflower seeds. There’s dispensers for strawberries and blueberries but not pineapples or sunflower seeds. Although you can get a pineapple if you join the club and use the treat dispenser next to pineapple. So if you runout you’ll have to work an appropriate field or use Magic Beans in the hope of getting some more. Why am I telling you this?

Blend Early On

You will need Gummy Bee to complete the quests without question, and to get Gummy bee you will need 2500 gumdrops, and the cheapest way to do this is to use the Blender. As soon as you are able, start blending gumdrops. During the course of the game you’re also going to need Glue, Enzymes and Oil. Glue needs gumdrops, enzymes pineapple and oil sunflower seeds. Which is why only use basic treats for levelling up.

Don’t Spend Tickets Except on Bees

Tickets become the super currency. You can buy them with honey but the price really escalates after each purchase and doesn’t plateau. These means that even to buy one ticket can start costing tens of millions. I’ve seen people spending tickets for Royal Jelly early game and suddenly realising they made a terrible mistake. You can buy Royal Jelly for honey and that doesn’t change.

Get Vicious

Everytime night time falls, go find Vicious. He doesn’t appear every night or may be in the 35 field where you probably can’t reach him, but if you want any chance of defeating Commando to level 50 (for a mythic) or doing stump snail, the Ant Challenge, or when you finally get to meet Coconut Crab you’ll need a high level Vicious. His impale is what makes the difference.

Which Event Bee?

Difficult choice. You’re going to need them all. Personally I got Cobalt and Crimson first as these were the cheapest, but in hindsight I think I’d go for Photon first, then Tabby. Then maybe Cobalt or Crimson, then puppy, but the thing here is it depends where abouts in the game you are. To get anywhere you’re going to have to level up all your bees to at least over 10 with some 11 and even 12 (like Vicious). To do that you must have Puppy Bee and he nust be gifted. His gifted ability gives you 25% more bond per treat given and that will save you billions. This is why puppy should be the first bee you use your star treat on.

And don’t even ask me about how to get Windy. After donating Star Eggs, Diamond Eggs, umpteen basic eggs, gold eggs and the lot he still doesn’t respond.


Do the quests and try to keep them concurrent if you can. What I mean is, you can have two or three quests all asking you to get pollen, or goo from the same field. This way you can work on multiple quests by working on one field.

Also, a word of point about Science Bear’s translation quests. I didn’t think having access to Stick Bug was a big deal, and would rather have the rewards from Gifted Riley and Bucko, and so these got my first two translators. However in going for the 3rd translator you suddenly find that one of the quests is to get 50 tokens from stick bug defence totems and 500 tokens from stick nymphs. If you can’t summon stick bug then you’re reliant on friendly higher level players or being lucky enough to be around when Onett summons one. So my advice, first translator to your favourite gifted varient, then the second to Stick.

Getting a Mythic Egg

Some folk buy them but I’ve never spent any Robox at the shop, although I did buy a private server for a bit. I got my first by defeating Commando Chick 50 times. This is not easy as each time you defeat Commando he either gets more health for the next time or goes up a level. In the beginning you think it is easy but it soon starts to get harder. The great news about Commando is that unlike other Bosses in the game other peoples bees can attack yours. So if you’re struggling a player with bees at least 12 or so can help you. Even if it’s only for a bit the fact that HP is saved means you can defeat Commando a bit at a time. My first Mythic was Spicy.

I got my second by doing Black Bears Mythic quest. It’s a grind and just takes time. You’ll need to defeat Stump Snail to have any chance of doing this. And the only way to defeat Stump is to be AFK and just remembering to tap the screen or press a key from time to time (I play on iPad so didn’t have the luxury of an auto mouse clicker). Also note I had another quest (I think from Spirit) for Stump pollen so it’s wise to plan ahead to do concurrent quests as mentioned above. My second was Fuzzy.

At time of writing I’m still working on Brown Bears quests where you’ll get a Mythic after 100 quests (I’m on 90). However I was just scrolling though my inventory one morning to find I had a Mythic Egg. No idea when I got it but it must of been Mondo Chick. My fastest time to do Mondo was 90 seconds but that’s cause I had Rogue Windy and Vicious in the field at the same time and they attacked him, but that didn’t drop a mythic. My usual time is about 5minutes so it’s not true that you only get a Mythic if he’s defeated in under a minute. You can get them anytime. My 3rd Mythic was Tadpole and with that 3rd one the ability to summon Meteors which is kinda cool.

You can also get a Mythic by Royal Jellying a bee. My boy got his Vector this way. He set the option, Auto until Mythic until on, was prepared to use 2000 Royal Jellies (which by the way is 2 bill honey) and got one with 400 RJ’s. I watched someone on YouTube get one the same way but spent 40,000 RJ’s!

A Note On Attack

I’ve seen some folk confused why they can’t seem to take down Commando or Coconut, or even Vicious for that matter, when they’ve got bees with high attack stats. The reason is their level. I had some dude ask me why he couldn’t defeat Coconut Crab. He had 35 bees but none of them were over level 8 and he didn’t have Vicious. Coconut Crab is level 12, which means that for a bee to successfully attack it must be a level 12. If the bee is the same level or higher than the mob it will hit is each time. If the bee is one level less it will only hit half of the time. Two levels less then only a third of the time, three levels then a quarter and so on. So attacking Coconut with level 8 bees is only going to hit him with one attack in every five which is why its not possible to defeat it in any normal timeframe. In any case I asked him why he wanted to as it only comes back! It first took me about 30minutes to kill Coconut but now I can do it in just over 8. This makes a huge difference to your sanity, especially if Windy turns up part way through or somebody else turns up and there’s two crabs and you don’t know which one is yours.