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WordPress: Creating Theme Options in Admin

These are the WP functions in the Settings API: Register Setting $option_group (string) (Required) A settings group name. Should correspond to a whitelisted option key name. Default whitelisted option key names include “general,” “discussion,” and “reading,” among others. $option_name (string) (Required) The name of an option to sanitize and save. $args (array) (Optional) Data used to describe the setting when registered. […]

WordPress Function Reference

I found the WordPress Function reference pretty difficult to navigate so I created a programme to crawl it. References in a full list here, click on titles to link to the WP website. add_network_option() Function: Add a new network option. add_new_user_to_blog() Function: Adds a newly created user to the appropriate blog add_object_page() Function: Add a […]